Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lectio Divina Online replaced with News of the World Lectio Divina

I've recently begun creating a series of daily videos called News of the World Lectio Divina, which are inspired by Lectio Divina and which have come to replace the Lectio Divina Online postings.  They combine chanting of the New York Times and the psalms and provide a way of entering into prayer for the world as if attending a very brief prayer service, one to three minutes long.

The ancient prayers of the psalms ask many of the same questions that we might be asking as we listen to the troubling events described in the news: Where is God while all this is happening?  Will God do anything if I pray?  Why is the world so lost?  

Both the news and the psalms are full of material that may evoke difficult feelings in the listener.  It’s all right to hear the words of prayer that are being chanted and not agree with them.  Prayer does not demand that we stop questioning, doubting, thinking, or struggling to find our own voice.  These prayers invite you to be with your thoughts and feelings about what is happening in the world and go deeper, whatever that may mean for you. 

If you are interested, these videos can be found on Youtube and Facebook and there is more information about them on my website.  I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.  

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